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Who said this old man is not busy!!!!!!

During my college years, I had joined a fraternity, met lots of great guys and girls of the nearby sororities. A few years later after college I come to discover that my fraternity president had died of strange disease called AIDS. I had not really heard or knew much about it at that time. Years later things change, time passes, and I start losing friends to Cancer and AIDS. In the mid 80's one of my good friends and manager of the first building that I managed later on, died of breast cancer. Then few years later my very good friend Brenda died of brain cancer. She was one of the most positive people had ever met even to her last day. Later through friends, I discovered the BCEF, the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. A safety net. When you're sick with Cancer, and unable to work they pay your rent /mortgage, groceries, and any medical expenses you may incur. In addition to some Federal funds and grants received, they also function by donations from corporations, and from individuals like us. So over the many years, I volunteered my time helping with many of their events; selling raffle tickets, walk a thons, and the like to help this worthy cause.

The BCEF was created by the AEF (Aids Emergency Fund), which basically does the same thing: This is a nationally known organization, that also helps with rent/ mortgage payments, medical expenses, food if one is unable to work. So, I also ended up volunteering for them as well, since both organizations were linked together. More importantly since the stigma and discrimination of AIDS at that time was so awful; people were losing their jobs, shunned, or were too ill to work. So I decided by my volunteering it was the best way I could also help . A few years ago each of them went own way and became separate independent organizations.

Later, another organization the PRC (Positive Resource Center) came into play. The PRC helps those that have been unemployed due to AIDS ,or mental disabilities. They are a Benefits Counseling and Employment Center. They can help you set up and deal with the obtaining disability benefits, resume building, and job training.
So what’s this all about?

So last year a friend said why don't you try out for the Bare Chest Calendar contest . The men of the 2014 calendar raised $166,000 to benefit the AEF/ PRC . It’s not campy thing, but just good fun done in good taste (and a lot of hard work!!!!!!!)
95% of all the proceeds raised go to these two noteworthy organizations AEF/PRC. As a finalist I’m now finding out its not about looks and being the perfect specimen to make the calendar. How you get along with the other 20 contestants, with the public, and your demeanor, your judges interview, is looked at very closely. That’s worth 75 points of the 100 point system. Raising money is only 25 points of the 100-point system. But selling tickets and raising money is the most important start or springboard of the contest. Selling $2000+ raffle tickets will put me in the top 6. So here is what you can do and here is the raffle prize information.

Here is your chance to win a $1300 Mac Book Pro; and help me gain a spot on the 2015 Bare Chest Calendar! Purchase your raffle tickets now!

1st Prize – 13": Mac Book Pro 8GB – valued over $1300
2nd Prize – Public R16 Bicycle – valued over $800
3rd Prize – SF Shopping Spree valued over $400
Not only do you have a chance to win these wonderful prizes, but you have already begun to win, by donating to these two noteworthy organizations.

1 ticket for $5
5 tickets for $20
10 tickets for $40

Donate On line! Via the Donate/Give Direct Tab!



1) Click Donate 2) Go to - Donation Information Box 3) Click on the drop down box in - Program Area. 4) Select, Rick Latulippe in the drop down box so I can issue your tickets and get credit for your generosity.
Thank you in advance for your support! Here is some links to for your reference:


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