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1. I am fricken exhausted! What did I get myself into??

2. Well, I'll survive. I just need to get to sleep earlier for a few days to catch up on my rest

3. The weekend before our mandatory or may be required trip to Sacramento to the BOLT BAR for a pre calendar sale and raffle ticket sale for the Bare Chest Calendar. This was to be our bonding weekend.

4. Saturday morning we first met at Mission Bowl, for a couple hrs of bowling. That place is awesome! We had a great time, and the food this small alley serves is very very yummy!

5. Then it was off to Sac. The weekend, which included a wonderful dinner at Hunters, lodging and breakfast, was graciously paid for by Kenny, the owner of The Bolt.

6. This is an annual event, and the bar got pretty packed. We sell raffle tixs for good prizes, and also try to presell calendars that are not even published to date. We also get formally introduced on stage.

7. On the way back from Sac on Sunday, it was one more mandatory photo shoot for the group. For the back page, or maybe front page of the calendar. We all met at the San Francisco Armory. Shot in the large space on the floor, Buzby Berkeley style. A puppy pile. I've heard never photo shoot anyone on their back, for it makes them look larger than they are.....so we shall see how these turned out soon. This building is also used as a porn studio. Never saw that on that day. Damn! :)

8. It was a fun weekend, and of course it too me 4-5 days to get rested after it all.

9. So now the hard part. Well sort of. Even though the Calendar has it's usual sponsors, it was up to us as a group to find 6-7 more. Bring in new blood sort of say. So it was approach vendors, bars, businesses to sponsor our indivitual page. Their logo and web site would appear at the bottom of my September page. The BCC Website. And also be on the banners at our booths at SF Pride, Up Your Alley, Folsom, and Castro Fairs, and at our fundraising events as well.

10. Cost is $1000 per page, or if they don't want to be on a page or banner, $500 cash and $500 in raffle prizes for our events. Note that all this cash still goes to the Aids Emergency Fund and the Positive Resource Center.

11. So far I have approached 7-8 businesses, with no luck so far. The others may have obtaioned one or maybe two. We shall see.

12. At least we have to do this as a group. A few years ago, we had to find sponsors indvidually, which really puts on the pressure.

13. Tonight its back to the AEF offices to have our 10 minutes time slot to choose our photo shots, or see what the staff selected and say yay or nay. That will be interesting. We are all our own worst critic! I'll stop by after I go to Fitness SF. I, as some of the others have gained weight since this whole thing began. No time to get in shape! LOL
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