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Wow! It's been a long time and a busy year/year and a half! Hello everyone! Or to anyone that's left on my friends list (LOL)

This year, well last year was just too busy! In 2014 for the 2015 CALENDAR we raised $170,592! We broke the all time record since the calendar was created 30 yrs. ago in 1985. So needless to say as soon as our tenure was over..... most of us hibernated for months. To catch up, or just sleep! LOL


Here is basically what has been happening the last 12+ months

1. We made our goal of raising crucial funds for the BBC. After, we all rested, caught up with our personal lives, and actually rarely saw each other for a few months.

2. October/November 2014 was pretty exciting with the SF Giants winning the World Series.

It was also the Bare Chest Calendar trek to Palm Springs, for Pride, and walk in the parade. A bit of fundraising, and calendar selling, had a great time.

It was also that time again that our "Core Group" do a campy thing, before Halloween thing. So we decided to dress up in Daisy Dukes, get a boom box, and lip synch to Beyone's , "Your Never Going to Get It". We rented a Limo, and went to all the hot tour spots in SF. The last place before the ending up in the Castro was AT&T Park. Game night. And the night before they won the World Series. Fun part were all the tourists taking photos.

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3. December 2014 was pretty low key. Did the usual visit to my sisters home in Sacramento for Thanksgiving, Christmas
4. January 2015 I get a chance to get out of the country for the annual Beef Dip Bear Week in Puerto Vallarta with my friend Don. Met up with friends (10 but hung out with Ernest and Fred and Don, most of the time), and had a wonderful time. And warm weather too! Beach, hiking and Zip lining kept us busy. Highlights was the party at Bob Majors hilltop estate. The infinity pool at the Hotel Miramar was awesome as well, as the clubs and discos.
May go this January. Not sure yet.
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5. Also last year and this, I opted to help out with the initiation, interviews with new upcoming Bare Chest Calendar contestants. Was fun but a bit time consuming. I was asked to be a recruiter for the next season. Think I'll pass.
6. Early in Summer met up with an old college friend Janine. Had not seen her in over 30 years. Her son goes to Marymount College up here, so met her there for her son's baseball game. Had a great time. But for some reason, have not heard from her. Will have to send her an email!
7. Later in the year, summer, it was also the annual trek to the Russian River for Lazy Bear Weekend. Stayed at the same home just down the street from town which made it really easy. No involvement with any Bare Chest stuff, which made it even more relaxing.

8. Our annual Trailer Trash Gurlz show and fundraiser also happened this summer (I (Sunny Side Up), as many in our group are phasing this out.... no time, and burn out!).

9. The best part of the summer was August!!!. Me, Lee, John, and Mark went to Montreal Pride. Can I say incredible?? Them men! OMG! And so much fun! We went for a week (next time will plan a shorter week). Since we had time, I took Lee and John, to Quebec City for the day. It was wonderful! In Montreal, St Catherine St (their Castro Street), is blocked off to traffic making it a nice stroll through the district. We had a great time. Did the Zip Line thing. Ate out a great restaurants. Took Metro all over town. John lost his passport upon arrival, but the citizens were so friendly and helpful (unlike the men at the US Embassy (ass hats!), it was found 2 days later. We met a guy, Patrick, a member of one of the gay rugby team. He was really nice and actually took us on a day tour of the city. My friend Lee went back to Montreal last month and said, it was not gay pride that brought in the hot men from everywhere. They are there even non pride month. All over. Woof!

10. Halloween this year was a cross over week. Our core group did it the week before. Our theme. Caitlyn and Bruce Jenner. A person's journey in one. We ordered the track outfit and wig kit and Amazon. Had a great time hitting all the places Saturday night. Had overwhelming response. Only one Trans was not too happy (most of our Trans friends loved it) Oh well. I stayed home Halloween and most of that weekend. Sometimes it's good to hibernate!

11. Did get a chance to drive down for Palm Springs Pride with Don, and Carlos for Pride. Had a great time as usual.

12. Work has been pretty much status quo. I wish I could figure out how to retire early. I want to still be young enough to travel without a walker! LOL

13. Well that's it for now! I need to get back and watch Empire. Missed most. Will have to watch again tomorrow.

14. Bye for now!

Yes mostly on Facebook. It is too addicting. At first I resisted. But then the mobile app is so easy. Post as you go! And the private, secret groups are or can be hawt! Great source for posting to large groups, or keeping up with our local events. And OMG how many friends or names can one accept!!! I will be weeding out my list (daily) and weed down the 4000 + names. LOL (Most I have not met, but after awhile, and seeing their life unfold they do feel like friends.
Some of the selfies from those guys are just too funny and border line X rated (FB sometimes reports or removes those after some A-hat reports).
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