Jan. 17th, 2014

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Work has been ok. Doing fine, but pretty busy. Haven't been posting here much, just reading (and to be honest on FB more just because of the easiness of it all (even though I hate FB! LOL). I needed some time off, but really. One takes a day or two off from work, and seems to be more to do and some damage repair when one gets back! Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it! So...????????????????........

1. Yip! Thanks to friend Mark Paladini for getting me off the stick, and for setting up a great trip at a great price I went to Las Vegas! We left Saturday afternoon, and I was able to get lasts Monday off for a quick 3 day trip. Don't laugh, but I have lived in CA since 1963 and never been to Vegas. Been to Canada, Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, and lived in Orange County, CA for 4 yrs. And never been to Vegas. He got a great flight and hotel package on the strip, plus we stayed at the Wynn. Woo hoo!

2. As a virgin to Las Vegas, I of course had to fly Virgin America. Unlike some airlines that have the boring safety video, or someone reading a sheet (Yawn), Virgin as they always, tries to spice it up.

3. Saturday night we saw the Cirque du Soleil, KA. It is totally hard to explain how incredible the show was. Not just the acrobatics, but the hydraulics of the stage (immense!), the dancing, the lighting. Awesome. Here are some pics of the town, on our way around. After the show, we taxied around town to the local pubs. I forgot, that smoking is allowed everywhere, and bars are open 24/7. Ugh!! Also was surprised to see so many tourists from Australia, England, and France. The hotels and the malls attached it seem to go on and on with no reason or planning. After awhile, they all seem to be the same! Well almost
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4. Saturday night after the show we went to the bar The Garage. The bar is set up like an auto repair garage. Bartenders are dressed up as mechanics. The other bar that I can't remember was the Hog, or something like that. The Garage was so nice and the staff so exceptionally nice, we went back the next night. I forgot about bars open 24/7 and smoking allowed. I returned home, very tired, but a bit wheezy. Not sure if it was allergies due to the odd spring like weather there and at home, or smoke and plane irritation. I thought I was coming down with something, a lung thing, but much better tonight. Green tea, honey, and lots of Zinc seems of helped!

5. Sunday was a gambling day. I netted $.15 every time! Mark of course, as always comes out with $200, $300, $400. LOL! That night we ended up seeing Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur. Basically a medieval, setting in King Arthur's court. The story line involved jousting, archery... all within a riding ring. The audience is seated around the ring. A dinner show, the food was Cornish Hens, potatoes, and broccoli. But as in Medieval times, we had to eat with our hands. At first I thought this would be a cheesy show. But it was pretty good! A perfect for kids and families too!

6. The last day Monday, before flying back home, it was a quick visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. It was fun to stand next to Lyndsey, Whitney, THE KING, Michael Jackson, Bette, Liz, Rihanna, Shirley and Bradley Cooper. Surprising how small most of them are! They look so much bigger on TV and film!

7. Had a great first time, and will go again. And unfortunately what was suppose to happen in Las Vegas that is to later stay in Las Vegas never happened. But I had a great time!

Here is my new BF Bradley Cooper. In person, or in wax, he is absolutely a hunk! Swoon! Surprisingly most of the famous are not that tall or large! Even The Rock seems shorter that what I would imagine. But John Wayne, was a big man!
My new BF Bradley
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