Mar. 31st, 2014

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1. Yes, I'm still here but slammed with work, gym, and part of the Bare Chest Finalist for the 2015 Calendar

2. We, 21 of us finalists, had our 5 hr meeting last Saturday. OY! Rules! And good thing,there are 3 others my age! Yay! Now that is being open!

3. Rules, such as, if a finalist is in a bar selling raffles, and another one walks in, you can't sell. We can't sell. We can't go out in a group and sell together in a bar. If there is someone's event going on, say at the Eagle, we can sell, but with permission of the event coordinator (makes sense of course).

4. And we have to sell at least $2000 in tix ($5 each)!

5. They did stress me at the meeting, that of course selling tickets is one of the criteria is selecting (counts towards 25% of the point system. This is not a beauty contest. They judge us on demeanor, stage presence, and how well we do at the Judges Interview, and other things. One guy a few years ago, was a COLT model material, sold $5000 tix, but did not make the calendar. The other criteria did not match up.

6. Remember 95% of the money goes to the AEF - the organization that supports those ill, living with AIDS, in helping them pay bills, rent, medical bills. And the PRC, who do benefits counseling, and job training, for those who are jobless due to AIDS. This whole calendar thing (31 yrs going) is all sponsored by Miller Beers!

7. Last years Calendar men raised over $166,000! We are to beat that.

8. SO THIS WEEKEND I WAS SORT OF FREAKING OUT. How am I to do all of this??

9. But by last Sunday, I was fine. I realized, I know tons of people, and getting warmed up selling to strangers, and flirting a bit took some warming up, but I did good Sunday!

10. Sunday at the Eagle was a fundraiser for Tenderloin Tessies. I asked Michael Gagne, the president if I could sell. He said yes. I could not though because lots of other finalists were there. If I mention it to someone, and they ask for tix that is ok.

11. So I went to 440 to Allen Eggets and Harry Lit's event, Furry Sunday (or was it Scruffy Sunday?). I was the only one of the finalists there, so I asked Allen if I could sell. He said of course, and told me to get up on the stage and he would announce me. How nice! So with in about 2 hrs I sold $205 worth of tix.

12. So with my new money belt, I will now set up a table one or two times next month, at the gym (got an ok from the manger, but need confirmation from the big wig manager), corner of Castro and 18th on a Saturday morning, and hit the bars during the work week. OY! The table set up I can do with other finalists, it's like setting up our own event, which is ok.

13. So at the meeting, we have our questions picked that the MC will ask at the Finals contest. I have an idea of what I will wear for the gear segment (got to be fun! Nope no leather. That is too predictable).

14. The BCC will set up a link this week so one can donate under my name via pay-pal. That will add to my points of course!

15. I also ordered, a Square for my phone, so that if one does not have cash, they can swipe their debit/card on my phone, and moines sent to my bank account (I will pay the 2% fee)

16. WHAT ARE THE PRIZES (you don't need to be present to win)

1. A MacBook Pro valued at $1300
2. Public R16 Road bike valued at *00
3. Shopping spree valued at $400

17. Off to work! Have a great week!

18. This site will be updated soon


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