Apr. 9th, 2014

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What a week so far, and weekend it was!!! YAWN!!!

Saturday morning selling in the Castro

1. OMG! This is a lot of work! Fun! But a lot of work! So busy I'm posting this way too late.

2. Last Friday, was the preassigned Pub Crawl, with the preselected group of guys to hit the Castro, asking for donations for the AEF/PRC. It was a bit intimidating at first. Especially on a Friday, when the watering holes are packed an noisy.

3. But got the hang of it, and I did quite well for the first night. I did go out with friend Steve who is a finalist as well on Wednesday. That was a good practice warm up, but the real warm up was that Friday.

4. With people buying tix in groups of 5 or 10, I usually have them fill out the first ticket, and the last (the groups are stapled), then I fill out the middle tickets for them when I get home. Fill out the accounting sheet, with name, amount of tickets, dollar total. Each of us need to sell at least $2000 worth. And as you might remember 95% of it goes to the Aids Emergency Fund, and The Positive Resource Center.

5. So I was up till 1 am, all wired and excited. Only to to have on Saturday morning to wake up at 6 am to get ready for our sidewalk ticket sale in the Castro. There and set up by 8 am, we bunch of six of the 19 did pretty well. We will be out this Saturday, and hopefully get set up at the gym one day as well later this week.

6. As we fill up our ledge sheet, one forgets how fast even a list of $5 donations add up. I thought about that when I was at the grocery store as I pay for my food, and the card swiper asks if I want to donate $1, or more dollars to some worthy cause. I really need to donate on these things more often.

7. Last night, Steve and I hit SOMA bars. Only sold $45 worth in about an 2 hrs. Bars were pretty quiet. Powerhouse is off limits for us since that is the bar that hosts the Semi-Finals. So it was the Eagle, Lone Star, Stud, Hole in the Wall, and Truck. Out of those 2 bartenders donated, and a very hot guy named John who I had a crush on for years did. There were some events happening later that night in most of the bars. But that is too late for me. Doesn't anyone work the next day???

8. This method is a great way to meet people! A good ice breaker since I'm a bit shy. I am also using FB to send out announcements to donate on line. Figured out how to do a mass notice avoiding the 20 people limit per post :)

9. I also got a SQUARE, free, and a good backup for those that don't have cash. Only a 2% charge per transaction on my end. Used it so far for about $140 worth of donations. Wonderful tool!!!

10. With lots of drama at one of our other properties, I had to help out yesterday, which puts me behind at work already. Off to the Tri County Apt Association conventions (yes I will bring my tickets!)

11. Since the convention is an all day thing, my leave early, then hit the Castro for more ticket sales before 6 pm. At 6 the other bar crawl group start out.

12. With all of this busyness I have not gone to the gym in a week! Oh well. Will try going tomorrow

Al and I chopping up veggies at DNA, for the Eagle Beer Bust



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