Jun. 25th, 2014

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With SF Gay Pride ahead, I was just cruising YouTube........Woof!!!! LOL

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Our first calendar pre-sale event.
The older of the calendar guys, John Marino (Mr June), and Me (September)

1. Again. What did I get myself into! Starting this week, SF GAY PRIDE WEEKEND, we start hustling to sell our calendars (which are finally being published this week), on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then from this weekend on, it's event everywhere through Christmas and New Years! UGH! LOL!

2. Two weeks ago, we had our Brunch at Dalton Huckaby's wonderful home and got a peek of our Bare Chest Calendar. They were only photocopies. I was very happy with mine (except one photo of the 5), and the others were really good as well!

3. Cute, LeGuan is the cover. We call him Tyra Banks. No matter what he photographs well. Even on a bad day. Model material.

4. So selling or pre-selling something that was not published was a challenge. REMINDER: All proceeds go to the Aids Emergency Fund and the Positive Resource Center.

5. So the first 1200 copies roll out in time for our Investiture (at the Powerhouse Bar) Friday night. That night we get our vests!

6. Then Saturday morning we are set up in a booth at the Civic Center to sell our wares. We will also be signing the Calendar pages as well

7. Sunday is the SF Gay Pride Parade. This year I won't be walking, but riding our our float! Yay that! Sun block! Don't forget sun block!

8. Aside from all of this it's been gym, gym, gym. Work, work, work. For now (this won't last long) our building is full. And of course the owners are jacking up the rents. A lot!

9. Tomorrow I am off to our corporate office for a Leadership panel discussion group for 3 hrs in the morning. I among the over the 100 managers, was chosen to be on a 10 person panel. They say due to my leadership skills and knowledge (who would of thunk?). That should be interesting.

10. With FB being easier to navigate and post, that is one of the reasons why I'm not on here (it's a pain to post via cellphone here as well!)

11. Plus keeping up with events, and getting myself out there on my friends list (over 2800. Just names girl, just names. Only a handful are really close friends) I need to do for now....due to this calendar thing. And as I noticed with my posts and others, same story, just a different day! LOL (Just kidding!)

12. Well off to eat and get to work! It's going to be a busy week! YAWN!!!!!!

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