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Always fun GO GO boys at the Edge Bar on a Saturday night

1. I knew the above pic would get your attention!

2. Work has been ok. We are still having plumbing issues. The leak from the pipe of the water supply was clamped last week. But we then discovered that the pressure reducers are not functioning. So of course the water for our showers is inconsistent. Warm one minute, cold the next second, then scalding the next. Some residents in the far reaches in some of the wing are only getting luke warm to cool water. With good reason complaining, with the high rents and all.

3. We will get the reducers replaced, but corporate takes forever to draw up a contract with the vendor to begin the work. Hopefully by Friday work will be started and completed.

4. On a more fun topic, since Friday was hell day and late work day due to the water issues, I stayed home. Good reason any way for Saturday and Sunday were to be fun days, celebrating friend Lee's birthday.

5. His wish was for him and us to go Paintballing on Saturday and a Pot Luck at he and Tom's home on Sunday

6. Up early it was off to pick up Lee and Tom and drive north to Petaluma, for Paintball. We were down one man, but we divided into teams, 5 against 6. And played the rounds for over 2 hrs. Our team lost by 2 points, but what fun! The paint balls did not hurt much, but sure travel fast. And the paint came out easily in the wash. This was so fun, we certainly will do it again! I actually want to now go to a shooting range and shoot a gun for the first time. LOL


7. After we want for lunch, and a few beers. Then later back to the city to meet up at 440, and The Edge Bar to continue the celebrations. Of course Saturday is Go Go boy night at the Edge. Hot men that night (of course they go to my gym, but nice to see them dancing scantily clad :)

8. I was home pretty early, and up early Sunday for gym. I went on my own to SF Fitness. Then home later then back to SF to Tom and Lees birthday potluck (I brought a pasta Salad). Was a nice time! And our pseudo summer weather made it ever better.
9. After we ventured to Furry Sunday at 440, then I was home by 7 pm.

10. So that's it for now! Happy Thursday everyone!
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Work has been ok. Doing fine, but pretty busy. Haven't been posting here much, just reading (and to be honest on FB more just because of the easiness of it all (even though I hate FB! LOL). I needed some time off, but really. One takes a day or two off from work, and seems to be more to do and some damage repair when one gets back! Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it! So...????????????????........

1. Yip! Thanks to friend Mark Paladini for getting me off the stick, and for setting up a great trip at a great price I went to Las Vegas! We left Saturday afternoon, and I was able to get lasts Monday off for a quick 3 day trip. Don't laugh, but I have lived in CA since 1963 and never been to Vegas. Been to Canada, Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, and lived in Orange County, CA for 4 yrs. And never been to Vegas. He got a great flight and hotel package on the strip, plus we stayed at the Wynn. Woo hoo!

2. As a virgin to Las Vegas, I of course had to fly Virgin America. Unlike some airlines that have the boring safety video, or someone reading a sheet (Yawn), Virgin as they always, tries to spice it up.

3. Saturday night we saw the Cirque du Soleil, KA. It is totally hard to explain how incredible the show was. Not just the acrobatics, but the hydraulics of the stage (immense!), the dancing, the lighting. Awesome. Here are some pics of the town, on our way around. After the show, we taxied around town to the local pubs. I forgot, that smoking is allowed everywhere, and bars are open 24/7. Ugh!! Also was surprised to see so many tourists from Australia, England, and France. The hotels and the malls attached it seem to go on and on with no reason or planning. After awhile, they all seem to be the same! Well almost
Click here for some various photos. )
4. Saturday night after the show we went to the bar The Garage. The bar is set up like an auto repair garage. Bartenders are dressed up as mechanics. The other bar that I can't remember was the Hog, or something like that. The Garage was so nice and the staff so exceptionally nice, we went back the next night. I forgot about bars open 24/7 and smoking allowed. I returned home, very tired, but a bit wheezy. Not sure if it was allergies due to the odd spring like weather there and at home, or smoke and plane irritation. I thought I was coming down with something, a lung thing, but much better tonight. Green tea, honey, and lots of Zinc seems of helped!

5. Sunday was a gambling day. I netted $.15 every time! Mark of course, as always comes out with $200, $300, $400. LOL! That night we ended up seeing Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur. Basically a medieval, setting in King Arthur's court. The story line involved jousting, archery... all within a riding ring. The audience is seated around the ring. A dinner show, the food was Cornish Hens, potatoes, and broccoli. But as in Medieval times, we had to eat with our hands. At first I thought this would be a cheesy show. But it was pretty good! A perfect for kids and families too!

6. The last day Monday, before flying back home, it was a quick visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. It was fun to stand next to Lyndsey, Whitney, THE KING, Michael Jackson, Bette, Liz, Rihanna, Shirley and Bradley Cooper. Surprising how small most of them are! They look so much bigger on TV and film!

7. Had a great first time, and will go again. And unfortunately what was suppose to happen in Las Vegas that is to later stay in Las Vegas never happened. But I had a great time!

Here is my new BF Bradley Cooper. In person, or in wax, he is absolutely a hunk! Swoon! Surprisingly most of the famous are not that tall or large! Even The Rock seems shorter that what I would imagine. But John Wayne, was a big man!
My new BF Bradley
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Dec. 31st, 2013 02:18 pm
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"We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives...not looking for flaws, but for potential." - Ellen Goodman
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain
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images-7 copy

"I'm not just a whimsical figure who wears a charming suit and affects a jolly demeanor. You know, I, I, I'm a symbol. I'm a symbol of the human ability to be able to suppress the selfish and hateful tendencies that rule the major part of our lives. If you can't believe, if you can't accept anything on faith, then you're doomed for a life dominated by doubt." ~ Miracle on 34th Street (1947)



Dec. 22nd, 2013 11:40 pm
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First pie perfect. Already ate few pieces. 2nd, burned edges, foil came off. 3 rd, still baking, but mixture too moist. Odd. Followed exact receipe. Doing fourth tomorrow. Ran out of potatoes.

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From a Halloween theme to a Holiday theme. Merry Christmas from Castro Street!

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1. Yes, have not been on here as much as I usually am. Just too busy at work, and being on the PC all day, I just don't feel like being on most of the night. With Thanksgiving behind us.... where has the weeks of November and December month gone? Where has the year gone? Christmas is next week??? Oy!

2. Work has been busy, but at least I'm off the Hot Sheet. Less available units, and the owners are off our backs.

3. I have not been going out as much as I usually am. Been trying to go to the gym in mornings during the work week. My local gym does not have heat, so when mornings are cold, it's off to FitnessSF/SoMa. Warm gym, with lots of hot men :)

4. Only 2 holiday parties so far this month. Griff's annual toy drive party, and Cody and Jack's party that was last Saturday. There have however been weekend day events, toy drives via the Bears of SF, Ducal, and Imperial Courts (most for the yearly Mamas Leather Family toy drive events (for the kids at Camp Sunburst(a camp for kids that have AIDS, pediatric AIDS) ).

5. On other fun things going on, we had our annual Tailer Trash Christmas show at the Edge last Saturday as well. Muffy Tuff(Mark), Mobilia Double Wide (Carlos), Miss Kim Chee (Ho), and One Leg Peg (Patrick) were raring to go, to entertain and raise money and recieve donated toys for Mama's Toy drive for Camp Sunburst.

6. We had a long list of bad drag entertainers this year. Over 15 performed! My routine lip-synch song was Little Dirty Pop Song, by AQUA. The hit of the evening was Muffy (Mark), Ho, and I on top of the bar, doing our choreographed dance moves to Don't Cha.

7. Odd thing is the hot muscle bears that never even notice me, certainly wanted my attention this time. I got lots of tips (also donated to the kids)! Don't know why this happens, but many time when in good or bad drag, being hit on or flirted with by hot men is common. Odd

8. I got most of the Christmas shopping done. And card out as well. Will be heading up to my Sister's home on Tuesday afternoon. One of her sons (Christopher) family will be at his in-laws this year. But my other nephew (Michael) and his wife will be there. Some of my sisters friends will be over for Xmas eve dinner. The next day we spend Christmas day at Michael and Kimberley's home exchanging gifts.

9. After Christmas, our core group of guys, the ones that took me on the wine train for my B-day, get together to exchange gifts (we pull numbers out of a hat, to determine who gets the mystery gift) . No more than $25. They can be gag or fun gifts as well. Last year I got a Snuggie. Uh. Those are the most uncomfortable things! The acrylic material is really odd feeling. And the way the whole thing fits is just not cozy. I tried it with undergarments on, and naked. Not good either way. This will be in my Salvation Army donation box.

10. This years theme (Lee thought of the idea) is Hello Kitty. Since Hello Kitty is the rage right now, why not? They have the funniest Hello Kitty gifts, ranging from flower pots, to mens underwear.

12. I found the cutest Hello Kitty star lamp. It lights up the room with stars. I should of bought two! One for me!

I was actually at the gym this morning at 6 am! That is really early for me, since I usually go after work. Was not too busy this morning

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Not much happening, work going smoothly for a change..but last night food shopping reminded me of how expensive things have become.

Over $100 for this?? 3 bags worth? I remember when young, my mom would fill up the station wagon with over 10 bags (tall bags) of groceries for about the same price or less. Just don't know how families manage. So back to shopping:
1. I made the dangerous decision to shop after gym. But did fine. No really fun junk foods, but just Baked Lays potato chips.

So speaking of gym:

2. I disappointedly only did 6 reps on the leg press (14, 45lb. plates + machine plate = 665 .lbs. When I had a trainer 2 yrs ago, I was up to 16 plates, 12 reps. Oh well, guess I'd better work harder But still not bad for my old age. LOL. I PLAN TO STEP IT UP!!!

3. Lately on Facebook, I've been getting friend requests from the most interesting and sexy people (even when I'm in FB jail and can't send a request, I get some coming my way). Of course they live across the globe. The local ones don't even bother. LOL

4. So last night this guy asks for a friend request. His profile pic is fairly normal, pretty low key. So are most of his photos. I accepted. Later I searched his name and he has 2 FB accounts. The other one is I think business, personal related.. Apparently Eliad Cohen is founder or co-founder of Gay-ville, a gay global network, that rents homes, apts, and vacation rentals. Interesting. He is also an international events coordinator, model, actor (porn??) Anyway here is eye candy for Friday. Actually I am sure he friended me for future business advertising. In any case I'm moving to Tel-Aviv!!!! Woof! LOL
More photos from his other site, YUM!!!
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1. Well it was actually boys day out.

2. Saturday, my buddies, that I have known for as long as 30 yrs took me out for my birthday.

3. Even though someone spilled the beans on what was to happen, the night before I went to the movies (Thor was great!), and was told to bring a change of clothes, and lots of lose change.

4. So I was a bit confused by Saturday. My best friend Carlos picked me up at 8 am, and drove me to Don's home in Diamond Heights, where 9 friends were waiting.

5. Minutes later a long white limo drove up, And we were off. North over the Golden Gate Bridge. With champagne, and snacks, was it to Napa, or to Graton, to the the new and largest Casino in California.

6. About an hour later, they blind folded me, the limo continued for about 10 minutes to eventually stop. We piled out, and my blind fold was removed to find me in Napa, at the Napa Wine Train tour.

7.We had a wonderful time! The train ride and dinner was marvelous!

8. Even the staff enjoyed our company. They said we were the best and most fun group they had had in years! Of course! We always are. We know how to party! LOL.

9. After many bottles of wine, and stuffed with food, it was back home on the limo. Home later to nap for about one hr, it was back to SF to meet friends out to complete the evening.

10. Thank GOD I took rapid transit! Got home a 1 am. Slept in, and now back out for a fundraising event. On the way back in the limo, teary eyed, I thanked my friends for being who they are, and for the years of wonderful friendship and wonderful memories. Love you guys!
Limo Ride

Alejandro, Patrick, Mark, Tom, Cody, Ho, Lee, Me, Carlos
Locomotive turn around for return trip
Ho and Patirick
Yummy Dinner!
Excellent Cake!!! We brought the Cake to 440 later on to share with friends!
A Bat Kid admirer
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1. Being I am almost now one year older, I am actually OK with it... I think. 30 and 40 really hit me hard. This time I hope 60 doesn't. Hasn't yet.... But let's say I've been having flashbacks of days gone by, and at times for a moment, revauating my life. Wondering, what's ahead. Yeah, still single though. I would love a BF, a partner. Maybe too picky? Not sure (of course like most people I want that is my type but I not theirs). Certainly don't want them too young. They must remember TV shows like Leave it to Beaver (in prime time), and the Ed Sullivan Show, the first landing on the moon, and of course the Kennedy Assassination. Or someone in their late forties to mid 50's, or closer to my age would be great. And with a young mind. No old farts(I know young old farts and old old farts).

2. So Saturday I did a major house cleaning. I still have more to do, but so far pleased. I also went to Office Depot and purchased a new paper shredder, and next door to Bed Bath and Beyond, to purchase two new frying pans. One knows we are old, when we are excited about this. LOL.

3. While house cleaning, I bumped into an old porn video from 2003. It is the only one I was in (and last one too!!). And sorry ladies and gents, I was clothed. Me, friend Carlos, and Khol, were in the opening scene and bar scene. Michael Brandon asked us to help out, so we did! The video came out shortly after just before the Folsom Street Fair. And friends kept coming up saying/asking if we were in the film. Funny!

4. We were so young! I was so thin (before I did the gym and eating too much thing LOL)

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1. Friday was a busy day at work, trying to get place, leases drawn up for the weekend, before I fly out to Palm Springs that late afternoon.

2. The flight was easy, but in one of United Airlines smaller planes, a Skywest 6290. So carry ons were pretty difficult. But they unloaded the luggage, and placed it on the tarmac for us to pick up which made it much easier than going to the airport luggage pickup turnstiles. Mark on the other had had left earlier, on Thursday, but his plane on the runway, suddenly had electrical problems (the lights went out). So he had to board another flight a hour later, missed his connecting flight in LA, and had to rent a car, and drive to PS from LAX (2 hr drive). He had a free flight via his credit card points, but the only way to take advantage of this was to fly to PS via LA.

3. I arrived in PS about 7:30 pm, cabbed it to the Hotel, that Mark had reserved for us. Mark, friend Gary, Jim, and a slough of others were already there, waiting and having fun at Friday night's tradition, Happy Hour at Wang's.

4. I made it there by 8:30 pm, many still there, and enough time to eat some of those delicious appetizers.

5. We all later cabbed it to Arenas Street, the gay section of the downtown PS, to again run into friends that live either there, or in the SF Bay area at Spurline, Hunters and later at the end of the evening, Toucans, for great music and dancing.

6. After, Mark went back to the room, and Gary and I ended up eating a very early morning breakfast at Denny's. I had the senior plate breakfast!!

7. Up early on Saturday, Mark and I went to World Gym. I expected to just do a light cardio and maybe a bit on the machines, for about an hour. Mark intended to stay for 3 hrs. Ugh. So after my hour, I borrowed Marks rental car, drove around, then picked him up at hour 3.

8. That day, Mark wanted to go to a winery (in PS?) and maybe go towards Indio and south to a banana museum. And after visit the Salton Sea.

9. Being late in the day, we only made it to the winery. The other plans were over 2 hrs away, and would probably be closed by the time we get there.

10. The winery was actually in the mall, an outlet. Tulip Hills Winery. The wines were grown near Tracy, in No Cal. The gal, pourer, was really good, and interesting to talk with.

11. Later we went to the Casino south of the city. Mark is great at winning the slots. With about $70 invested, he came out with about $200. With my $80 invested, my winnings, $.19 LOL!

12. Later that evening, we met up with Robert Sanstini (Ernestine), and his mom for dinner at Tropical. Robert and his mom had the lamb shank, Mark and I got the Shark dinner. Appetizers and the food were delicious. And dinner was very well priced. Mark treated us all with his gambling winnings.

13. After dinner, Robert and his mom went home, Mark and I went to the Pride Street Fair on Arenas. It was too packed, and lines to most of the bars, not worth waiting for. We did end up in Spurline for about an hour to watch the great music videos (a video mix of old musical movies blended with the newer stuff. Very Cool). And of course ran into more folks from the Bay Area.

14. After, Mark and I went to the Tool Shed in Cathedral City. It was too packed, and the crowd scary. Not very attractive. So we left, and returned to Hunters, to spend the evening with friends.

15. Sunday morning, we were up early to meet a group at Zims Restaurant for bunch and to watch the Gay Pride Parade. It was the longest parade that they had since the history of the parade. It lasted a whole hour and a half! Yay! Much shorter than our 5+ hr parade in SF.

16. Our tables were right next to the sidewalk, where we could watch the parade while eating. Actually the sidewalk passers by were more interesting! ;)

17. After the parade, I went to the room for a nap, then Mark and I went to PF Changs for a light lunch, then after to the Barracks for their infamous patio Beer Bust. Of course we ran into more familiar faces!

18. Later we ended up at Spurline and then Hunters for some dancing. I think I got back to the room about midnight. And off to sleep, for I had to be at the Airport Monday morning early for my 8 am flight. They overbooked the flight, and my seat was not assigned as yet. I did manage to get my seat (my last name called. Whew!).

19. Home by 10:30 am, I unpacked took a much needed 2 hr nap, then it was off to the office to relieve my friend Dee, from another property, who was kind enough to cover for me that morning.

20. Had a great time! I would miss my friends up here, but I am now seriously considering a future move to PS. Maybe sooner than one would think. The gay locals are not all over 90 yrs old as was previous or previously thought. Lots of nice locals, ranging from their 20's to their 60's (some hit me up on the dating sites while I was there, and lets just say ........WOOF!)

21. Happy Hump Day everyone!

View from Hotel - One block from Arenas Street. Mark got a great discount via his credit card mileage points. Since my birthday was coming up this month, he covered my room, Nice friend

Me, Jim, and Mark at Wang's Friday night
More Bay Area friends at Hunter's
Dancer at Toucans

Street of hotel

Friend (and porn producer) Michael Brandon dancing on the pool-tables at Hunters Saturday night1453133_10151989513282667_1727004883_o

Me, Mark, and Kelly at The Barracks sunday beer bust

SF transplants Glenn, and hubby Steve (aka Snatch) at The Barracks
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1. Boo!

2. The more things change the more they seem the same (or do they?), so that's why I'm posting less. Same old story, same old thing. LOL

3. Last weekend was not too exciting. Did stay in of Friday night. Just was not in the mood to venture out. Glad I did. Got a good nights' rest.

4. Saturday was the usual gym thing with Tom and Lee. This time in the Castro instead of SOMA. Had my much needed haircut after, then off to Penny's, Old Navy to scope out the sales. I did find those cheaply made short sleeve shirts at Old Navy on sale for $6. Perfect for my weekend trip.

5. Perfect for Palm Springs this weekend. I will be flying down to PS for gay pride Friday afternoon (leave work a bit early), and return Monday morning for work. A much needed break. But getting our new weekend gal set up, and some of the reports partially done for the friend covering for me till I get back on Monday morning will be a bit tedious. Plus getting the rent increases out by Friday might be cutting it close, if I don't receive the list from the owners soon enough (I just rec'd the rent increases this morning. Completed and mailed this afternoon).

6. Work is a bit better though. Have most leased up. So only have one to show, and 3 coming up next month. So needless to say, owners are off my back :)

7. My social life has been OK. Hanging out with friends. Doing movies, gym, eating out and such. The owner of my SSF gym approached me again saying that if I'm interested in competing, in a class for older men next year let him know. You've got to be kidding. LOL. Well, if I said yes, does that mean he trains me for free? Probably not. But then again this morning he was training, working out with a guy that has been going to the gym for awhile. And he is changing this guys body fast. Plus another guy, probably in his mid 60's came in one day, took off his shirt and was being taught or practicing competition poses. This guy had an awesome lean muscular body. Hummmm. Me? Nah! Too lazy!

8. I've cut down on FB. Well since I'm in FB jail I pretty much have no choice. No wonder my name is Cellboy. LOL.
But still accepting requests. Just can't post or Like anything.

9.Some guy from TX on a dating site messaged me, and asked if I wanted to trade dirty socks and underwear. LOL. I never responded. Humm. Wonder how much UPS would charge? o_O

10. I'm staying in tonight, not doing the Halloween thing. Last year Halloween in the Castro was awful! With the gangs, and thugs from who knows where they are from, it's really not worth the BART or drive up. Have to do a few things like pack, and futz around before tomorrow anyway. Our usual Halloween group decided not to do it this year. Ho is in Hawaii, and most of us just did not have the time to prep. Plus with this weekend trip, I did not want to shave the beard. Tom however did dress up last Sunday. Ho on the other hand has turned from Leather to Lace. Ever since he went in full drag to Imperial Courts, the Emperors Night Out event 2 weeks ago, in full drag, that is all he is talking about. Now he's in HI doing drag as well! OY! Wonder if he will run for Empress in 2014. 2015?

11. Well its a wrap. Off to cook dinner, then pack. I always pack too much just in case. So for a 3 day trip, I'll pack for a week's stay (if it were a trip for a week, I'd pack for a month's stay). In in the long run I'll probably end up wearing just the same 2 or 3 items all weekend. Must be a Gay thing. LOL . Happy Weekend Everyone!
Me, Ho (China Bee-oche), and Tom, 2 weeks ago.
Me and Tom, at 440 last Sunday

Tom and some new face in town (this new face had eyes that were wide eyed big and darting... wonder what drug he was on...)

It was 90 degrees in Palm Springs today. Yay! Warm weather!!!!


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