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Sorry to vent, but all of a sudden, this is not a good day. My sister just called. My mom had her Dr. appt. Not good news. She now can not live on her own. Crying to the Dr. my mom admitted she cannot take care of herself. All her total of 8 pills, taken at different times of the day (quite simple actually), she cannot administer on her own. Even though she is getting the daily meals as part of the senior community, she is not eating, not showering as usual. She is periodically confused. The Dr said part of it may be that she is having some mini strokes, part of the necessary meds, her health, and all. So the Dr suggested that she needs to go to an assisted living community. Which costs $$$$. She is currently paying $2300/month, which includes a nice upgraded one bedroom apt, 3 meals per day, shuttle service, maid service, activities, and more. An assisted living community can be $4500+, depending on the level of care needed. Being in a suburb of Sacramento, you would think it would be cheaper than the Bay Area. In any case she can't afford that. It's not easy paying what's she's currently paying. So what do we do? Well my sister and I agreed to leave her where she is. It would be too traumatic for her, to move her again. She just moved in. So we will find a service that can assist with her meds and diet etc. They exist. Some of the current residents apparently use these services. It will cost some, but the total cost with her current rent will be way less than an the assisted living community (I hope). So we may not rent her house as once planned, and later sell when the market improves. We may have to sell soon, in this bad market. So this weekend we will finish moving things from her home to her apt, the things she wants. And crunch over the numbers :o(

Reality Check: It is so hard to see a member of the family, a foundation, just wither away. My heart breaks to see this happening. I know some of you have already gone though this experience, and some are too young to realize that it may happen to your parents or loved ones. I just want a easy, happy, and comfortable life for my mom, during her remaining years. Life is so unfair. Sorry for the downer. I'm so depressingly sad :o(.


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