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1. My sisters children are doing the every other year at the my Nephew's in-laws for
Easter. So I will be home for the weekend. I may take a jaunt to the cemetery, on
Saturday, in Palo Alto, to put flowers on Mom and Dad's niche, and my late partners grave

2. To begin the day on Sunday, a bunch/lunch, for a few that won't be with their immediate families, at Ho's home. He will be serving ham, others to bring side dishes. I'm to bring dessert. Not sure what I will make. If I'm at a loss, I'll run to the the wonderful bakery in Pacifica, and get an Easter Cake (hopefully with little bunnies on top).

3. Then later that afternoon, it will be off to Dolores Park for the Sisters 33rd annual, Easter Bonnet contest, and of course the Hunky Jesus Contest

4. Tongue and cheek, and some say irreverent, this contest is fun to watch (last year we sat a bit too far. Hopefully we will be able to get closer).

5. Raised Catholic, and later to become a more liberal Catholic (thanks to Mom who was fed up at the mind games and controlling games the church played with our family, and with many, I ended up more of a spiritual person, than solely religious. Still believing in a higher power, or maybe a God, not believing everything the Bible has told us for many years.

6. If there were a Jesus, maybe he was just a great man, but not the son of God (if there is a God). And if there is a God as the scriptures say, maybe he still really has not come.

7. If there were a Jesus, I think he probably had the gift of conversation and a great personality and charm to woe and tease. And had the utmost intelligence to debate, with valor.

8. He must of been a hunk. He had to be pleasing to the eye, to both men and women. No one could look or talk and someone unsightly. He must of immediately caught everyone's attention, as he entered the room. He must of had those Hollywood good looks. Radiating sexuality, sensuality, and personality.

9. Good looks, wit, intelligence, were one of the many things that helped him pave the way, whether he were "the" Jesus or just a great man.

Hunky Jesus 2011 (Wonder if he looked like this? Yum!)


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