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0. This is coming from a person who has had a terrible inferiority complex and some self esteem issues for almost 2/3rds of his life.
1. OK. This is not too sound to self serving, but 3 times this week, from 3 different people (and some of the old ladies in the building), they asked and complimented me on my getting bigger. One 85 yr old lady comes up to me, feels my bicep and says your hot, handsome. OY! As I get red faced, and I run and hide :)
2. My friends are starting to say it, and my trainer said that last night, and so did a couple of gym guys that should be on bodybuilding mags.
3. I actually thought of throwing in the towel during Christmas. Like nothing was happening, no success. So these reactions now have motivated me more. This is a good shot in the butt. Seem like in the last couple of weeks, I have crossed the line. The line of improvement. I have been working really hard too.
4. There has been a big change in 2 yrs. Those that have known me for years, say they see it. I guess I see it too. What is interesting is I am getting bigger, but my weight is staying the same. Just need to really work on my arms tho.
5. So this makes me feel good. So it seems, the fitness gurus are right. To build up self confidence, exercise. Work out! But I need to remember to make gym a part of my life, not my life.
6. For the 3rd time this week, the "legs" guy is still viewing me, on my dating site. This has been going on for after months. What the hell is he doing with my photos?? :)
7. Work has been busy. Especially since today is my last day (vacation next week!). I rented 5 apts this week. And getting the office ready for the coverage staff takes time too.
8. Gym tomorrow. And then I need to start figuring out what to pack etc.


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