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GAY PRIDE here we come!

1. The weather here, at home, in the past 5 hrs changed drastically. It's freckin cold outside. Had to put the heat on.

2. Usually Palm Springs is warmer this time of the year. Usually in the 90's.

3. But apparently it is suppose to rain tonight. And temps are suppose to hover in the 70's all weekend.

4. Oh well. Better than the 120's. And maybe the local mts will get dusted with snow.

5. Today at work, I was swamped. Everything that was suppose to happen earlier in the week, all happened today.

6. Seems no matter what, plan a vacation, and one gets too busy at work. A good busy, but this happens all the time.

7. Enterprise Rental (we are leasing a SUV), was almost an hour late in picking me up. I thought they forgotten about me (decided to pick up the car tonight, so we can leave by 6 am).

8. I am not sure what to pack. We are going to a nice dinner one night (a way ahead of time dinner to celebrate my B-day). ATVing next day. Swimming, hiking, and of course clubbing (Leather bars, Drag Bars, Dance Bars, and Vanilla bars).

9. So I packed enough for a week!......OK a month! I have some doubles of the same shirt! (Medium for the night out LOL) Large for daytime wear), 3 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of jeans, shirts, shirts, etc... LOL

10. Well I probably won't wear most, but at least I feel confidant about having enough and the right colors!

11. Well off to sleep! Up at 4:45 am. I am, or going to try to work out since, due to the rental car taking so long, screwed up my schedule.

12. Will be fun hanging with friends. My first PS Pride.

13. Happy weekend everyone!


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