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On my knees again! :P.
1. Last week with work, and nervously thinking about the semi contest last Thursday night this weekend was pretty much a do nothing weekend.


2. I did win position as one of the finalists for the Bare Chest Calendar. Much thanks to the good support of friends. I managed to sell the required $330 worth of raffle tickets ($585), and scored 94.33%. Yay that!


3. Nervous on stage, I did manage to speak and function ok. LOL


4. That was Thursday. Friday my sister and  brother in law were in town, and took me to dinner at Boulevard. Had a fun time, giggling with my sister like little kids, as we nursed our martinis. Food was wonderful, but small portioned.  Not an inexpensive dinner!


5. So Saturday was a quiet day for me. Napped most of the day.  


6. Today just went to brunch at The Boxing Room, for Louisiana style food, then to a small fundraiser for Tenderloin Tessies at Aunt Charlie's Bar, but was home early tonight.


7. Thursday night I'm required to go  the next Bare Chest Calendar semi final to auction off my shirt. But until then, I'm staying in! Yawn! I need to recharge!


Have a great week everyone!



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1.Its been busy and pretty crazy the last few weeks (and yes, I've been on FB more)

2.I was lucky so far not to get too sick as most of my friends and family

3. While watching the opening of the Olympics I had a huge sneezing fit, then an immediate sore throat, and clogged sinuses. .

4. So I ramped up the Lysine, Zinc, and took Airborne (that gives one lots of gas!) and it was mostly gone within 4 days. However I was a little run down and tired after that week, and this is the first I've been feeling pretty up .

5. I've had a few birthdays to contend with socially, and work has been getting getting busier , but I've basically been staying home a lot.

6. Not many happy hour nights on Friday and actually a couple of us have decided to cut back on drinking for a while. So except for Superbowl Sunday, and the Bare Chest Calendar event last Thursday, I had two glasses of wine, 3 beers, and I had a jello shot last Saturday at a bear weekend event. All this in 4 weeks. And I did have 2 Shirley Temples, in honor of her (talk about calories! But yum!!

7. The non alcoholic beer tastes awful! But oh well. I still am tired in the morning, but a different tired.I actually feel pretty good but I think much of my tiredness is for my cold. I don't really feel an increase of energy but I do feel little bit more alert in the morning.

8. Two Fridays ago, I got a call from my late partners brother to tell me that their mother had passed away that Wednesday. She had not been well for about 4 years. We sort of lost contact is well.

9. I went to the funeral at the chapel however due the permits and the backup of the crematorium her ashes were not at the wake. She will be buried right next to my lab partner in a couple weeks. I was stressing about that, about going to the cemetery, and seeing her next to my partner. Old hurtful memories get stirred up.

10. I had flowers that I cut from, my patio to put on his, and my parents grave, not knowing that we would not go there. So after the service, I went anyway to place them at their grave sites

11. Speaking of stress. I decided to run for the Bare Chest Calendar Semi-Finals. Someone suggested I do. Oy! I hate being on stage. Most important thing is to sell, sell lots of raffle tix that night. Need over $300 sold to earn points that are added to the existing points that I earned (points earned by such things as calling my coach by a certain time (4 points), filling out a sheet of questions (4 points), etc. The whole thing is not looking hot on a calendar, but all year raising funds! And traveling and going to events all year!

12. This a big fundraising group. The money raised goes to the AEF/PRC. The 2014 calendar men raised over $166,000!
So this will be interesting. I am setting up an EVITE thing to go to friends to show up that night, or at least send money for my friends to buy raffle tix for them. I'll post my EVITE in a bit

13. Well off to work! Happy Hump Day!!!


Dec. 22nd, 2013 11:40 pm
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First pie perfect. Already ate few pieces. 2nd, burned edges, foil came off. 3 rd, still baking, but mixture too moist. Odd. Followed exact receipe. Doing fourth tomorrow. Ran out of potatoes.

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From a Halloween theme to a Holiday theme. Merry Christmas from Castro Street!

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1. Yesterday we spent a wonderful afternoon visiting the Foster Botanical Gardens.








2. Later we all ended up at Hips for Maitai's the to Oceanarium for a buffet dinner. The restraunt has a huge 3 story aquarium, with a mermaid too !

Garys birthday cake surprise.
3. Tonight we a putting on a birthday party athe local bar  Bacchus for Ho and Gary. Just pizza's and snacks. should be fun.








4. I stopped taking my cold pills and letting the crap cough up on its own. Yuk. I also had some antibiotics ordered for a cold sore that never happened. All this seems to be working. Thank god its in the high 70s. That seems to be helping too. Well off to breakfast.




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1. Our flt to Oahu was painless. One thing I rarely do is upgrade. So Mark and I upgraded to first class which made the fight more enjoyable. Since my cold and now cough seemed to not go away, why not at least fly comfortably.

2. Our hotel is basic, few blocks from the beach. And the pool is closes for repairs. Bummer.




3. Later met up with Carlos, Ho, Gary Virginia, and Tilly. Did the usual walking around town, shops, and if corset local bars.




4. Not to wine, but my cold seemed to clear up with the use of Robbotusin pills. It helped lessen the cough, which actually is not good. Especially since I always gave lung issues.




5. But, I sure needed these pills the next day. The 4 of us, decided to go th Koko Crater for a hike. Wow! 1000+ steps, railroad ties, to the top. Wheezing, coughing, I did just ok. Hot, and a steep climb, only Tully's made it to the top. Mark was the next to be closest to the top. Gary and I were further down. Mark said his heart rate felt like 160, and he couldn't get it to slow down. So he stopped.

Koko Crater steps




Tilly, Mark, Gary, me




After the strenuous hike, we then went a few miles east to Eternity Beach for a swim.  Water was wonderful. This is where they filmed From Here to Eternity.




After we ended up at Buzzes for cold beverages and appetizers with a view of Kailua lagoon across the street.




6. Running short on time, we had to quickly get back for our dinner plans at Nobu (owned by actor Robert De Nero).  Dinner was wonderful! Pricey though. The seafood and susi were the best.




7. After, we went out to the gay bars for a bit, but must say we are all pretty much toning down the bar stuff. We are all back at our rooms early! LOL


Dinner at Nobu. Tilly, Ho, Gary, Mark, Carlos, me.

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A BUSY WEEKEND AHEAD: A tribute to Queen Cougar, Meet and Greets, Mr SF Leather Contest, and the SF Eagle opens.

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Well, I broke down a joined Fitness SF. Since I'm there at least 1-2 weekends a month, its much cheaper joining than paying for day passes


Nov. 21st, 2012 11:44 am
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It was a very rainy cold night for some in the Castro

Slow growth

Nov. 8th, 2012 04:21 pm
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I question myself; Do I really want to do this?

It might involve a lot of shaving :(

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Alrhough my first night of gay discovery, of coming out to myself, happened in San Francisco, a large percentage of my experiences happened south of the city, near my home.  Not sure where Boomers was. I'm thinking maybe they mean the Cruiser Bar.



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Madonna got better as the show moved on. She was really really good. The dancers, fantastic. The production, staging, lighting , and with the hydoylic moving stages and platforms, phenomenal.  But bet many were a bit pissed the show started 2 hrs late. This happened at other concert nights, so not sure if t was a producers decision or not, but a bit of a rude move towards the fans. Many like me, work this morning. I just got in from the concert.


Oct. 7th, 2012 09:25 pm
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Waiting for Madonna to perform.


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