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1. A last minute trip to the Castro to do some errands, I ended up meeting Tom and his partner Lee at 440, where there was some St Pattys day festivities in the front bar and a birthday party going on in the back.

2. Tom has his nieces visiting SF for the weekend from Virginia, and had to do the straight tour guide thing with them all day today, and was not in the mood to eat Corned Beef (he doesn't like it actually)

3. So Lee and I decided to go to Tommy's Joynt for some Irish Coffee, and some Corned Beef and Cabbage, and boiled red potatoes.

4. The line was long, but went fast. The corned beef was wonderful! I could of had seconds!

5. Long night, last night, and long day today. Tonight home early and off to sleep!


My Oink

Lee and Me
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I've been using the exact same one for years :)
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Yes 6,
1. Merv Griffin
2. Ron Ely, of TV Tarzan (huge hands!)
3. Shirley Temple Black
4. Estelle Harris, George Costanza's crazy mother from Seinfeld
5. Joan Baez, and her mother.
6. Willie Aames, from the TV show, Eight is Enough. When he was in his prime (woof!)
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I'm hungry :)

(They're always hungry)
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I tend let it slide for a bit, to get my thoughts together.... then ATTACK!. No not really. Depending where this is taking place at the moment, I may just let it slide till later, and talk to the person; or if the timing is right, confront them on the spot.
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Beef Stroganoff. I could eat enough for 10! I love sour cream!
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1. Clock radio, wakes me,
2. Stretch, get up, make my bed
3, Turn on TV
4. Go to kitchen, fill kettle with fresh water, turn on
5. Brew some fresh coffee
6. Go poo. Every am, like clock work. And every am only (mostly) :)
7. Boot up Apple. Check messages, check dating sites, check LJ
8. Turn kettle off, make my oatmeal.
9. Eat at computer or in front of TV news
10. Make toast, eggs or whatever
11. Clean up dishes...
12. Shave
13. Shower
14. Dress
15. Check my computer for messages one more time. Put in sleep mode or shut off
16. Off to work
17. Boring. Ain't it?

NOTE: If I had a BF living here, # 2 would be stretch, cuddle, stretch cuddle, some nookie? (maybe)
Then #16. I am late for work.... every day :)
Then #17. Not boring, at least most of the time.
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When I was three, in 1956, I remember our cute enclosed sun porch on the side of my parents first home in Canada. I remember running though it and down the stairs to the out side, and seeing my mother on the ground, asking her what she was doing. She said she was planting flowers. Strange thing is that it is as vivid as if it happened just yesterday. And it's a comforting feeling. This is more fuzzy but, I also in the same frame of time remember when my parents bought their first TV, and watching it.
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Comfortable ;)
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Probably three. Mary Tyler Moore, Golden Girls, and Seinfeld. But Golden Girls is tops to me.
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What a Feeling. Was a great era. It was the year I came OUT :)
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I had woken up early to do my morning walk before work. When I got home, I turned on the TV. Not really paying attention for the moment, I saw the towers being hit, thinking, what scifi movie was this? Then as soon as the news returned to the hosting commentators on CNN I realized it was real. My boss called and said to stay home, not to work. The whole world including us, was at a standstill.

That day really woke me up to how vulnerable we really are. Even though we sometimes think we can isolate ourself from the world and the world problems. This was a terrible act. But it also reminded me to try to be honest and look at ourselves, to see we are not perfect. We sometimes cause problems for others in the world too. A lot of people hate us, "we countries of the free world", either for good reason or not.
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I currently do not have a mate. But if I did? Aside from romantic dinners, walks on the beach, and helping out with his needs, I can't say more. It would be too graphic ;)
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Met him. Found love. Lost him
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Mary Poppins - still have it. But haven't listened to it for centuries. Does that make me a queen? :)
My second was the Butcher Album, Beatles. And can't seem to located it.
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1. Spaghetti
2. Beef Stroganoff
3. Ham

I must add desert to all 3: Pecan Pie.
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A Zucchini. I'll leave it at that ;)
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A 67 Austin Healy Sprite
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Betraying one's trust
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Residential Property Management- Apt buildings


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