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Apr. 9th, 2017 08:34 am
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I just imported my LJ this site (since our LJ freedoms are continually hampered by Russia). Seemed to take forever! LOL
Not sure how much I will be on this, since I'm on FB more (its easier).
But who knows! :)
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Videos of Palm Springs Pride. This took forever to embed via my phone.  YouTube  or LJ for mobile don't have the embedded icon. So had to do desktop view...which on a phone...small. Arg! Lol. Enjoy!

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Wow! It's been a long time and a busy year/year and a half! Hello everyone! Or to anyone that's left on my friends list (LOL)

This year, well last year was just too busy! In 2014 for the 2015 CALENDAR we raised $170,592! We broke the all time record since the calendar was created 30 yrs. ago in 1985. So needless to say as soon as our tenure was over..... most of us hibernated for months. To catch up, or just sleep! LOL


Here is basically what has been happening the last 12+ months

1. We made our goal of raising crucial funds for the BBC. After, we all rested, caught up with our personal lives, and actually rarely saw each other for a few months.

2. October/November 2014 was pretty exciting with the SF Giants winning the World Series.

It was also the Bare Chest Calendar trek to Palm Springs, for Pride, and walk in the parade. A bit of fundraising, and calendar selling, had a great time.

It was also that time again that our "Core Group" do a campy thing, before Halloween thing. So we decided to dress up in Daisy Dukes, get a boom box, and lip synch to Beyone's , "Your Never Going to Get It". We rented a Limo, and went to all the hot tour spots in SF. The last place before the ending up in the Castro was AT&T Park. Game night. And the night before they won the World Series. Fun part were all the tourists taking photos.

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3. December 2014 was pretty low key. Did the usual visit to my sisters home in Sacramento for Thanksgiving, Christmas
4. January 2015 I get a chance to get out of the country for the annual Beef Dip Bear Week in Puerto Vallarta with my friend Don. Met up with friends (10 but hung out with Ernest and Fred and Don, most of the time), and had a wonderful time. And warm weather too! Beach, hiking and Zip lining kept us busy. Highlights was the party at Bob Majors hilltop estate. The infinity pool at the Hotel Miramar was awesome as well, as the clubs and discos.
May go this January. Not sure yet.
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5. Also last year and this, I opted to help out with the initiation, interviews with new upcoming Bare Chest Calendar contestants. Was fun but a bit time consuming. I was asked to be a recruiter for the next season. Think I'll pass.
6. Early in Summer met up with an old college friend Janine. Had not seen her in over 30 years. Her son goes to Marymount College up here, so met her there for her son's baseball game. Had a great time. But for some reason, have not heard from her. Will have to send her an email!
7. Later in the year, summer, it was also the annual trek to the Russian River for Lazy Bear Weekend. Stayed at the same home just down the street from town which made it really easy. No involvement with any Bare Chest stuff, which made it even more relaxing.

8. Our annual Trailer Trash Gurlz show and fundraiser also happened this summer (I (Sunny Side Up), as many in our group are phasing this out.... no time, and burn out!).

9. The best part of the summer was August!!!. Me, Lee, John, and Mark went to Montreal Pride. Can I say incredible?? Them men! OMG! And so much fun! We went for a week (next time will plan a shorter week). Since we had time, I took Lee and John, to Quebec City for the day. It was wonderful! In Montreal, St Catherine St (their Castro Street), is blocked off to traffic making it a nice stroll through the district. We had a great time. Did the Zip Line thing. Ate out a great restaurants. Took Metro all over town. John lost his passport upon arrival, but the citizens were so friendly and helpful (unlike the men at the US Embassy (ass hats!), it was found 2 days later. We met a guy, Patrick, a member of one of the gay rugby team. He was really nice and actually took us on a day tour of the city. My friend Lee went back to Montreal last month and said, it was not gay pride that brought in the hot men from everywhere. They are there even non pride month. All over. Woof!

10. Halloween this year was a cross over week. Our core group did it the week before. Our theme. Caitlyn and Bruce Jenner. A person's journey in one. We ordered the track outfit and wig kit and Amazon. Had a great time hitting all the places Saturday night. Had overwhelming response. Only one Trans was not too happy (most of our Trans friends loved it) Oh well. I stayed home Halloween and most of that weekend. Sometimes it's good to hibernate!

11. Did get a chance to drive down for Palm Springs Pride with Don, and Carlos for Pride. Had a great time as usual.

12. Work has been pretty much status quo. I wish I could figure out how to retire early. I want to still be young enough to travel without a walker! LOL

13. Well that's it for now! I need to get back and watch Empire. Missed most. Will have to watch again tomorrow.

14. Bye for now!

Yes mostly on Facebook. It is too addicting. At first I resisted. But then the mobile app is so easy. Post as you go! And the private, secret groups are or can be hawt! Great source for posting to large groups, or keeping up with our local events. And OMG how many friends or names can one accept!!! I will be weeding out my list (daily) and weed down the 4000 + names. LOL (Most I have not met, but after awhile, and seeing their life unfold they do feel like friends.
Some of the selfies from those guys are just too funny and border line X rated (FB sometimes reports or removes those after some A-hat reports).
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Our first calendar pre-sale event.
The older of the calendar guys, John Marino (Mr June), and Me (September)

1. Again. What did I get myself into! Starting this week, SF GAY PRIDE WEEKEND, we start hustling to sell our calendars (which are finally being published this week), on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then from this weekend on, it's event everywhere through Christmas and New Years! UGH! LOL!

2. Two weeks ago, we had our Brunch at Dalton Huckaby's wonderful home and got a peek of our Bare Chest Calendar. They were only photocopies. I was very happy with mine (except one photo of the 5), and the others were really good as well!

3. Cute, LeGuan is the cover. We call him Tyra Banks. No matter what he photographs well. Even on a bad day. Model material.

4. So selling or pre-selling something that was not published was a challenge. REMINDER: All proceeds go to the Aids Emergency Fund and the Positive Resource Center.

5. So the first 1200 copies roll out in time for our Investiture (at the Powerhouse Bar) Friday night. That night we get our vests!

6. Then Saturday morning we are set up in a booth at the Civic Center to sell our wares. We will also be signing the Calendar pages as well

7. Sunday is the SF Gay Pride Parade. This year I won't be walking, but riding our our float! Yay that! Sun block! Don't forget sun block!

8. Aside from all of this it's been gym, gym, gym. Work, work, work. For now (this won't last long) our building is full. And of course the owners are jacking up the rents. A lot!

9. Tomorrow I am off to our corporate office for a Leadership panel discussion group for 3 hrs in the morning. I among the over the 100 managers, was chosen to be on a 10 person panel. They say due to my leadership skills and knowledge (who would of thunk?). That should be interesting.

10. With FB being easier to navigate and post, that is one of the reasons why I'm not on here (it's a pain to post via cellphone here as well!)

11. Plus keeping up with events, and getting myself out there on my friends list (over 2800. Just names girl, just names. Only a handful are really close friends) I need to do for now....due to this calendar thing. And as I noticed with my posts and others, same story, just a different day! LOL (Just kidding!)

12. Well off to eat and get to work! It's going to be a busy week! YAWN!!!!!!

Next Largest logo 1
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With SF Gay Pride ahead, I was just cruising YouTube........Woof!!!! LOL

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1. I am fricken exhausted! What did I get myself into??

2. Well, I'll survive. I just need to get to sleep earlier for a few days to catch up on my rest

3. The weekend before our mandatory or may be required trip to Sacramento to the BOLT BAR for a pre calendar sale and raffle ticket sale for the Bare Chest Calendar. This was to be our bonding weekend.

4. Saturday morning we first met at Mission Bowl, for a couple hrs of bowling. That place is awesome! We had a great time, and the food this small alley serves is very very yummy!

5. Then it was off to Sac. The weekend, which included a wonderful dinner at Hunters, lodging and breakfast, was graciously paid for by Kenny, the owner of The Bolt.

6. This is an annual event, and the bar got pretty packed. We sell raffle tixs for good prizes, and also try to presell calendars that are not even published to date. We also get formally introduced on stage.

7. On the way back from Sac on Sunday, it was one more mandatory photo shoot for the group. For the back page, or maybe front page of the calendar. We all met at the San Francisco Armory. Shot in the large space on the floor, Buzby Berkeley style. A puppy pile. I've heard never photo shoot anyone on their back, for it makes them look larger than they we shall see how these turned out soon. This building is also used as a porn studio. Never saw that on that day. Damn! :)

8. It was a fun weekend, and of course it too me 4-5 days to get rested after it all.

9. So now the hard part. Well sort of. Even though the Calendar has it's usual sponsors, it was up to us as a group to find 6-7 more. Bring in new blood sort of say. So it was approach vendors, bars, businesses to sponsor our indivitual page. Their logo and web site would appear at the bottom of my September page. The BCC Website. And also be on the banners at our booths at SF Pride, Up Your Alley, Folsom, and Castro Fairs, and at our fundraising events as well.

10. Cost is $1000 per page, or if they don't want to be on a page or banner, $500 cash and $500 in raffle prizes for our events. Note that all this cash still goes to the Aids Emergency Fund and the Positive Resource Center.

11. So far I have approached 7-8 businesses, with no luck so far. The others may have obtaioned one or maybe two. We shall see.

12. At least we have to do this as a group. A few years ago, we had to find sponsors indvidually, which really puts on the pressure.

13. Tonight its back to the AEF offices to have our 10 minutes time slot to choose our photo shots, or see what the staff selected and say yay or nay. That will be interesting. We are all our own worst critic! I'll stop by after I go to Fitness SF. I, as some of the others have gained weight since this whole thing began. No time to get in shape! LOL
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Since the Castro, Soma, and other areas are changing, here are some tips for those curious tourists

An Etiquette Guide for Straight People in Gay Bars"
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Have seen me here much? Well this is one reason why. Fricken busy!!!!!!

Last week’s private 2 hr Judges interviews were intense. And last night’s finals with interviews to a packed house, even more intense! But what a great show! Entertainment fantastic!

The BCC 2015 18 finalists raised (selling those little $5 tickets), over $85,000 for the AEF & the Positive Resource Center in just 5 weeks! We beat last years record by $30,000! I’m humbled & honored to be part of 31 years of a San Francisco tradition - raising funds for the AEF & the Positive Resource Center.

What a surreal evening last night! It is finally sinking in. And bitter sweet as well. I so wish we had 18 months to our calendar. There were so many good dedicated and hard working men!! Remember it was not just ticket sales that determine your win.. Points in judging interview, stage presence, presentation etc, etc… all add up.

Before the announcement of the new calendar men, we all met back stage with Mike Smith, the director of the AEF. He was balling his eyes out, thanking us for doing such a good job in raising funds and being the best cohesive group he has seen in years. “The results will be hard for the judges and him as well, for we all deserve to be on this calendar.” We of course were all teary eyed as well.

We are going to rock!! It will be a banner year!!

And last, but not least, thank you friends and family for your support, and continued support!

Mr January 2015 Barechest Sen
Mr February 2015 Guy Johnson
Mr March 2015 Matt Johnson
Mr April 2015 Jacob Juarez
Mr May May LaGuan Lea Jr.
Mr June 2015 John Marino-Deabler
Mr July 2015 Alfonso Mendoza
Mr August 2015 Bradley Weintraub
Mr September 2015 Rick Latulippe
Mr October 2015 Harun Ron Evcimen
Mr November 2015 Al Saadia
Mr December 2015 Dane
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What a week so far, and weekend it was!!! YAWN!!!

Saturday morning selling in the Castro

1. OMG! This is a lot of work! Fun! But a lot of work! So busy I'm posting this way too late.

2. Last Friday, was the preassigned Pub Crawl, with the preselected group of guys to hit the Castro, asking for donations for the AEF/PRC. It was a bit intimidating at first. Especially on a Friday, when the watering holes are packed an noisy.

3. But got the hang of it, and I did quite well for the first night. I did go out with friend Steve who is a finalist as well on Wednesday. That was a good practice warm up, but the real warm up was that Friday.

4. With people buying tix in groups of 5 or 10, I usually have them fill out the first ticket, and the last (the groups are stapled), then I fill out the middle tickets for them when I get home. Fill out the accounting sheet, with name, amount of tickets, dollar total. Each of us need to sell at least $2000 worth. And as you might remember 95% of it goes to the Aids Emergency Fund, and The Positive Resource Center.

5. So I was up till 1 am, all wired and excited. Only to to have on Saturday morning to wake up at 6 am to get ready for our sidewalk ticket sale in the Castro. There and set up by 8 am, we bunch of six of the 19 did pretty well. We will be out this Saturday, and hopefully get set up at the gym one day as well later this week.

6. As we fill up our ledge sheet, one forgets how fast even a list of $5 donations add up. I thought about that when I was at the grocery store as I pay for my food, and the card swiper asks if I want to donate $1, or more dollars to some worthy cause. I really need to donate on these things more often.

7. Last night, Steve and I hit SOMA bars. Only sold $45 worth in about an 2 hrs. Bars were pretty quiet. Powerhouse is off limits for us since that is the bar that hosts the Semi-Finals. So it was the Eagle, Lone Star, Stud, Hole in the Wall, and Truck. Out of those 2 bartenders donated, and a very hot guy named John who I had a crush on for years did. There were some events happening later that night in most of the bars. But that is too late for me. Doesn't anyone work the next day???

8. This method is a great way to meet people! A good ice breaker since I'm a bit shy. I am also using FB to send out announcements to donate on line. Figured out how to do a mass notice avoiding the 20 people limit per post :)

9. I also got a SQUARE, free, and a good backup for those that don't have cash. Only a 2% charge per transaction on my end. Used it so far for about $140 worth of donations. Wonderful tool!!!

10. With lots of drama at one of our other properties, I had to help out yesterday, which puts me behind at work already. Off to the Tri County Apt Association conventions (yes I will bring my tickets!)

11. Since the convention is an all day thing, my leave early, then hit the Castro for more ticket sales before 6 pm. At 6 the other bar crawl group start out.

12. With all of this busyness I have not gone to the gym in a week! Oh well. Will try going tomorrow

Al and I chopping up veggies at DNA, for the Eagle Beer Bust

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Who said this old man is not busy!!!!!!

During my college years, I had joined a fraternity, met lots of great guys and girls of the nearby sororities. A few years later after college I come to discover that my fraternity president had died of strange disease called AIDS. I had not really heard or knew much about it at that time. Years later things change, time passes, and I start losing friends to Cancer and AIDS. In the mid 80's one of my good friends and manager of the first building that I managed later on, died of breast cancer. Then few years later my very good friend Brenda died of brain cancer. She was one of the most positive people had ever met even to her last day. Later through friends, I discovered the BCEF, the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. A safety net. When you're sick with Cancer, and unable to work they pay your rent /mortgage, groceries, and any medical expenses you may incur. In addition to some Federal funds and grants received, they also function by donations from corporations, and from individuals like us. So over the many years, I volunteered my time helping with many of their events; selling raffle tickets, walk a thons, and the like to help this worthy cause.

The BCEF was created by the AEF (Aids Emergency Fund), which basically does the same thing: This is a nationally known organization, that also helps with rent/ mortgage payments, medical expenses, food if one is unable to work. So, I also ended up volunteering for them as well, since both organizations were linked together. More importantly since the stigma and discrimination of AIDS at that time was so awful; people were losing their jobs, shunned, or were too ill to work. So I decided by my volunteering it was the best way I could also help . A few years ago each of them went own way and became separate independent organizations.

Later, another organization the PRC (Positive Resource Center) came into play. The PRC helps those that have been unemployed due to AIDS ,or mental disabilities. They are a Benefits Counseling and Employment Center. They can help you set up and deal with the obtaining disability benefits, resume building, and job training.
So what’s this all about?

So last year a friend said why don't you try out for the Bare Chest Calendar contest . The men of the 2014 calendar raised $166,000 to benefit the AEF/ PRC . It’s not campy thing, but just good fun done in good taste (and a lot of hard work!!!!!!!)
95% of all the proceeds raised go to these two noteworthy organizations AEF/PRC. As a finalist I’m now finding out its not about looks and being the perfect specimen to make the calendar. How you get along with the other 20 contestants, with the public, and your demeanor, your judges interview, is looked at very closely. That’s worth 75 points of the 100 point system. Raising money is only 25 points of the 100-point system. But selling tickets and raising money is the most important start or springboard of the contest. Selling $2000+ raffle tickets will put me in the top 6. So here is what you can do and here is the raffle prize information.

Here is your chance to win a $1300 Mac Book Pro; and help me gain a spot on the 2015 Bare Chest Calendar! Purchase your raffle tickets now!

1st Prize – 13": Mac Book Pro 8GB – valued over $1300
2nd Prize – Public R16 Bicycle – valued over $800
3rd Prize – SF Shopping Spree valued over $400
Not only do you have a chance to win these wonderful prizes, but you have already begun to win, by donating to these two noteworthy organizations.

1 ticket for $5
5 tickets for $20
10 tickets for $40

Donate On line! Via the Donate/Give Direct Tab!

1) Click Donate 2) Go to - Donation Information Box 3) Click on the drop down box in - Program Area. 4) Select, Rick Latulippe in the drop down box so I can issue your tickets and get credit for your generosity.
Thank you in advance for your support! Here is some links to for your reference:

Share this page. Please :)
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1. Yes, I'm still here but slammed with work, gym, and part of the Bare Chest Finalist for the 2015 Calendar

2. We, 21 of us finalists, had our 5 hr meeting last Saturday. OY! Rules! And good thing,there are 3 others my age! Yay! Now that is being open!

3. Rules, such as, if a finalist is in a bar selling raffles, and another one walks in, you can't sell. We can't sell. We can't go out in a group and sell together in a bar. If there is someone's event going on, say at the Eagle, we can sell, but with permission of the event coordinator (makes sense of course).

4. And we have to sell at least $2000 in tix ($5 each)!

5. They did stress me at the meeting, that of course selling tickets is one of the criteria is selecting (counts towards 25% of the point system. This is not a beauty contest. They judge us on demeanor, stage presence, and how well we do at the Judges Interview, and other things. One guy a few years ago, was a COLT model material, sold $5000 tix, but did not make the calendar. The other criteria did not match up.

6. Remember 95% of the money goes to the AEF - the organization that supports those ill, living with AIDS, in helping them pay bills, rent, medical bills. And the PRC, who do benefits counseling, and job training, for those who are jobless due to AIDS. This whole calendar thing (31 yrs going) is all sponsored by Miller Beers!

7. Last years Calendar men raised over $166,000! We are to beat that.

8. SO THIS WEEKEND I WAS SORT OF FREAKING OUT. How am I to do all of this??

9. But by last Sunday, I was fine. I realized, I know tons of people, and getting warmed up selling to strangers, and flirting a bit took some warming up, but I did good Sunday!

10. Sunday at the Eagle was a fundraiser for Tenderloin Tessies. I asked Michael Gagne, the president if I could sell. He said yes. I could not though because lots of other finalists were there. If I mention it to someone, and they ask for tix that is ok.

11. So I went to 440 to Allen Eggets and Harry Lit's event, Furry Sunday (or was it Scruffy Sunday?). I was the only one of the finalists there, so I asked Allen if I could sell. He said of course, and told me to get up on the stage and he would announce me. How nice! So with in about 2 hrs I sold $205 worth of tix.

12. So with my new money belt, I will now set up a table one or two times next month, at the gym (got an ok from the manger, but need confirmation from the big wig manager), corner of Castro and 18th on a Saturday morning, and hit the bars during the work week. OY! The table set up I can do with other finalists, it's like setting up our own event, which is ok.

13. So at the meeting, we have our questions picked that the MC will ask at the Finals contest. I have an idea of what I will wear for the gear segment (got to be fun! Nope no leather. That is too predictable).

14. The BCC will set up a link this week so one can donate under my name via pay-pal. That will add to my points of course!

15. I also ordered, a Square for my phone, so that if one does not have cash, they can swipe their debit/card on my phone, and moines sent to my bank account (I will pay the 2% fee)

16. WHAT ARE THE PRIZES (you don't need to be present to win)

1. A MacBook Pro valued at $1300
2. Public R16 Road bike valued at *00
3. Shopping spree valued at $400

17. Off to work! Have a great week!

18. This site will be updated soon
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On my knees again! :P.
1. Last week with work, and nervously thinking about the semi contest last Thursday night this weekend was pretty much a do nothing weekend.


2. I did win position as one of the finalists for the Bare Chest Calendar. Much thanks to the good support of friends. I managed to sell the required $330 worth of raffle tickets ($585), and scored 94.33%. Yay that!


3. Nervous on stage, I did manage to speak and function ok. LOL


4. That was Thursday. Friday my sister and  brother in law were in town, and took me to dinner at Boulevard. Had a fun time, giggling with my sister like little kids, as we nursed our martinis. Food was wonderful, but small portioned.  Not an inexpensive dinner!


5. So Saturday was a quiet day for me. Napped most of the day.  


6. Today just went to brunch at The Boxing Room, for Louisiana style food, then to a small fundraiser for Tenderloin Tessies at Aunt Charlie's Bar, but was home early tonight.


7. Thursday night I'm required to go  the next Bare Chest Calendar semi final to auction off my shirt. But until then, I'm staying in! Yawn! I need to recharge!


Have a great week everyone!

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Thursday is looming ahead. I just found out I may be the only one tomorrow night. Doesn't really matter, for it's the tickets I have to sell for points. Finished my 2 page questionnaire last night. So now just to psych up and remember to be myself, not get stage fright! LOL


The semi-finals, for spot in the Finals, of the 2015 Bare Chest Calendar contest is on Thursday March 13th, 8 pm to 10 pm. That night, with your support, I will vie for a win to enter the finals, and eventually, in April, vie to be selected as part of the 12 men team of the 2015 Bare Chest Calendar. Yes, I’m a bit nervous, but what a wonderful and fun way to raise funds for most worthy organizations; the Aids Emergency Fund and the Positive Resource Center. Plus this wonderful cause is sponsored by non other, MillerCoors/DBI Beverages (thanks guys!).

You can support me that night by purchasing $1, $5, or $10 in Raffle tickets for wonderful prizes. These are important points are added to my scoreboard of existing points, that I need to earn to go on to the next step to attain a position on the Finals (I need to sell at least $350 in tickets that night).
Your support that night will mean everything to me (and to those noteworthy organizations as well!)

The BCC is one of the largest fundraising SF Organizations in town. This year the 2014 Bare Chest men raised over $166,000! When selected as one of the 12 men, me, and my other 2015 men, plan to beat that record.
Thank you in advance for your support!_Here is some links to for your reference:
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Well I decided to do this. Sent an EVITE to about 40 people (that is the slowest site ever!), and let's see if I freeze on stage! LOL.
But a lot of my friends in SF are going, so I will just have to focus on them, pretending that they are in my home. Friend Mark is the MC, so that will hopefully help. It's really not about having a great chest, it's about selling raffle tix (a raffle whore), and raising money for these organizations. I have to fill out a questionnaire, with questions of the like, Your coming out story (sexy or not), Funniest thing happening on a date (that I can't figure out. It's been so long that I have been out, and dating, the funny things,probably bad at the time, I erased from my memory! So most of it I have finished. So here is the announcement I posted on FB, and EVITE.....


I am pleased, and excited to announce that I have decided to enter the semi-finals, for spot in the Finals, of the 2015 Bare Chest Calendar contest on Thursday March 13th, 8 pm to 10 pm. That night, with your support, I will vie for a win to enter the finals, and eventually, in April, vie to be selected as part of the 12 men team of the 2015 Bare Chest Calendar. Yes, I’m a bit nervous, but what a wonderful and fun way to raise funds for most worthy organizations; the Aids Emergency Fund and the Positive Resource Center. Plus this wonderful cause is sponsored by non other, MillerCoors/DBI Beverages (thanks guys!).

You can support me that night by purchasing $1, $5, or $10 in Raffle tickets for wonderful prizes. These are important points are added to my scoreboard of existing points, that I need to earn to go on to the next step to attain a position on the Finals (I need to sell at least $350 in tickets that night).
Your support that night will mean everything to me (and to those noteworthy organizations as well!)
Very Important Note: If you can't make it that night, you can also mail your funds to me for the purchase of tickets, which I will hand over to several trustworthy friends that night to purchase for you. Don't forget that every dollar goes to benefit the AEF/PRC both noteworthy organizations.

My Mailing Address if you want to purchase tickets my address is: Rick Latulippe, PO BOX 5501, South San Francisco, CA 94083

The BCC is one of the largest fundraising SF Organizations in town. This year the 2014 Bare Chest men raised over $166,000! When selected as one of the 12 men, me, and my other 2015 men, plan to beat that record.
Thank you in advance for your support! Here is some links to for your reference:
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1.Its been busy and pretty crazy the last few weeks (and yes, I've been on FB more)

2.I was lucky so far not to get too sick as most of my friends and family

3. While watching the opening of the Olympics I had a huge sneezing fit, then an immediate sore throat, and clogged sinuses. .

4. So I ramped up the Lysine, Zinc, and took Airborne (that gives one lots of gas!) and it was mostly gone within 4 days. However I was a little run down and tired after that week, and this is the first I've been feeling pretty up .

5. I've had a few birthdays to contend with socially, and work has been getting getting busier , but I've basically been staying home a lot.

6. Not many happy hour nights on Friday and actually a couple of us have decided to cut back on drinking for a while. So except for Superbowl Sunday, and the Bare Chest Calendar event last Thursday, I had two glasses of wine, 3 beers, and I had a jello shot last Saturday at a bear weekend event. All this in 4 weeks. And I did have 2 Shirley Temples, in honor of her (talk about calories! But yum!!

7. The non alcoholic beer tastes awful! But oh well. I still am tired in the morning, but a different tired.I actually feel pretty good but I think much of my tiredness is for my cold. I don't really feel an increase of energy but I do feel little bit more alert in the morning.

8. Two Fridays ago, I got a call from my late partners brother to tell me that their mother had passed away that Wednesday. She had not been well for about 4 years. We sort of lost contact is well.

9. I went to the funeral at the chapel however due the permits and the backup of the crematorium her ashes were not at the wake. She will be buried right next to my lab partner in a couple weeks. I was stressing about that, about going to the cemetery, and seeing her next to my partner. Old hurtful memories get stirred up.

10. I had flowers that I cut from, my patio to put on his, and my parents grave, not knowing that we would not go there. So after the service, I went anyway to place them at their grave sites

11. Speaking of stress. I decided to run for the Bare Chest Calendar Semi-Finals. Someone suggested I do. Oy! I hate being on stage. Most important thing is to sell, sell lots of raffle tix that night. Need over $300 sold to earn points that are added to the existing points that I earned (points earned by such things as calling my coach by a certain time (4 points), filling out a sheet of questions (4 points), etc. The whole thing is not looking hot on a calendar, but all year raising funds! And traveling and going to events all year!

12. This a big fundraising group. The money raised goes to the AEF/PRC. The 2014 calendar men raised over $166,000!
So this will be interesting. I am setting up an EVITE thing to go to friends to show up that night, or at least send money for my friends to buy raffle tix for them. I'll post my EVITE in a bit

13. Well off to work! Happy Hump Day!!!


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