Apr. 28th, 2014

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Have seen me here much? Well this is one reason why. Fricken busy!!!!!!

Last week’s private 2 hr Judges interviews were intense. And last night’s finals with interviews to a packed house, even more intense! But what a great show! Entertainment fantastic!

The BCC 2015 18 finalists raised (selling those little $5 tickets), over $85,000 for the AEF & the Positive Resource Center in just 5 weeks! We beat last years record by $30,000! I’m humbled & honored to be part of 31 years of a San Francisco tradition - raising funds for the AEF & the Positive Resource Center.

What a surreal evening last night! It is finally sinking in. And bitter sweet as well. I so wish we had 18 months to our calendar. There were so many good dedicated and hard working men!! Remember it was not just ticket sales that determine your win.. Points in judging interview, stage presence, presentation etc, etc… all add up.

Before the announcement of the new calendar men, we all met back stage with Mike Smith, the director of the AEF. He was balling his eyes out, thanking us for doing such a good job in raising funds and being the best cohesive group he has seen in years. “The results will be hard for the judges and him as well, for we all deserve to be on this calendar.” We of course were all teary eyed as well.

We are going to rock!! It will be a banner year!!

And last, but not least, thank you friends and family for your support, and continued support!

Mr January 2015 Barechest Sen
Mr February 2015 Guy Johnson
Mr March 2015 Matt Johnson
Mr April 2015 Jacob Juarez
Mr May May LaGuan Lea Jr.
Mr June 2015 John Marino-Deabler
Mr July 2015 Alfonso Mendoza
Mr August 2015 Bradley Weintraub
Mr September 2015 Rick Latulippe
Mr October 2015 Harun Ron Evcimen
Mr November 2015 Al Saadia
Mr December 2015 Dane


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