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1. Today is the first day I am wearing a loafer on my fractured foot. YAY.
2. At least I brought a fractured foot back from Mexico, not the swine flu :)
3. After trying to jump from page to page on Facebook (fece book), with 3 different web browsers at home, and the one at work, I still find that it is slow. But I can tolerate it.
4. I am not crazy about Facebook, but seeing that the idea of being in touch with all at once, the "6 degrees of separation" thing. I guess it's OK
5. I just don't care for one liner posts. I need more meaty stuff. But that's OK. I was not fond of LJ at first. Then got hooked, and posted frantically (sense and nonsense stuff of course!).
6. I was cruising the internet on SF housing last night. In the Mission Bary area off Berry St.
7. If anyone is interested in any first time buyer programs that SF has to offer check this out
8. I think that once the economy improves, the residential/commercial market will start booming again, and this area will be one of the first area's that soars.

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Hi all,

We are a go for our protest of the CineArts Theatre at West Portal.
The protest will start at 6:00pm at the theatre located at 85 West Portal Avenue.
You can take Underground K L or M lines to the West Portal Station.
If you would like to bring signs, that is great. We need people to hand out flyers that
Will be available when you arrive. Look for Andrea Tosi, who will have the flyers to share.
Chant if you wish. But please be peaceful. We want to get our message across and not have
any altercations. Stay on the sidewalk. Do not go on theatre property, do not go into the street.

We will be repeating this on Saturday night as well at the same time. Look for Duane.
Pass this on to your other lists if you have not already done so.
If anyone takes photos, please be sure and pass them our way and we will post them.

Thanks everyone in advance who will be attending.

Dave and Drew


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