Jan. 30th, 2014

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Always fun GO GO boys at the Edge Bar on a Saturday night

1. I knew the above pic would get your attention!

2. Work has been ok. We are still having plumbing issues. The leak from the pipe of the water supply was clamped last week. But we then discovered that the pressure reducers are not functioning. So of course the water for our showers is inconsistent. Warm one minute, cold the next second, then scalding the next. Some residents in the far reaches in some of the wing are only getting luke warm to cool water. With good reason complaining, with the high rents and all.

3. We will get the reducers replaced, but corporate takes forever to draw up a contract with the vendor to begin the work. Hopefully by Friday work will be started and completed.

4. On a more fun topic, since Friday was hell day and late work day due to the water issues, I stayed home. Good reason any way for Saturday and Sunday were to be fun days, celebrating friend Lee's birthday.

5. His wish was for him and us to go Paintballing on Saturday and a Pot Luck at he and Tom's home on Sunday

6. Up early it was off to pick up Lee and Tom and drive north to Petaluma, for Paintball. We were down one man, but we divided into teams, 5 against 6. And played the rounds for over 2 hrs. Our team lost by 2 points, but what fun! The paint balls did not hurt much, but sure travel fast. And the paint came out easily in the wash. This was so fun, we certainly will do it again! I actually want to now go to a shooting range and shoot a gun for the first time. LOL


7. After we want for lunch, and a few beers. Then later back to the city to meet up at 440, and The Edge Bar to continue the celebrations. Of course Saturday is Go Go boy night at the Edge. Hot men that night (of course they go to my gym, but nice to see them dancing scantily clad :)

8. I was home pretty early, and up early Sunday for gym. I went on my own to SF Fitness. Then home later then back to SF to Tom and Lees birthday potluck (I brought a pasta Salad). Was a nice time! And our pseudo summer weather made it ever better.
9. After we ventured to Furry Sunday at 440, then I was home by 7 pm.

10. So that's it for now! Happy Thursday everyone!


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